Friday, April 8, 2011

Adopt a Shelter

 I have posted about Patrick the pit bull in a recent post. By now most people have heard his sad, yet amazing story. If you missed the post you can read it here, Patrick's story, his recovery, has touched the lives of people all over the world. People have sent donations, treats, clothes, collars, blankets and bedding, to Patrick. His caregivers have been overwhelmed with the support. And his fan page has now reached over 84,000 people!

 Although Patrick's story is hard to stomach, he is not alone. There are thousands of dogs that have stories just like Patrick's. Abused, starved, and thrown away. Its hard to imagine this happening to these beautiful creatures, but it does happen, every day! Pets are the most abused and neglected animals on earth. Millions upon millions are killed every year due to cruelty or being homeless. Dogs and cats are so dependent on people. Yet, people get them and do not always have the animals best interest in mind. From not wanting a pet for the right reasons, to just wanting one to have one, with out money to care for them, so many animals are put in bad situations on a daily bases.  Ten years working as a Vet. Tech, I have seen some really sad and unbearable things.

Gypsy Rose
With so many dogs in need, its time for the world to step up and give them the care they need. No, I am not suggesting people run out and adopt a dog or a cat. Now, I do suggest that if you want a new pet, to check out your local rescues and shelter groups. It doesn't matter what breed or type of dog you are looking for, the right dog for you is out there.  But, this is not really what I mean when I say stand up and help. I am talking about adopting not a pet, but a shelter. There are so many amazing shelters and rescue groups out there. Each of them is full of volunteers that work tirelessly helping the animals out that people have thrown away. They need your help.

 There is so many ways you can help out these places. You can volunteer your time, you can donate money for certain animals ChipIn, or you can call or visit the shelters website and find out what is on their Wish List. Most facilities are always in need of certain things; Premium Food (Dry/canned) for both puppies/kittens and adults, treats, Kong's, rubber chew bones, cat litter and litter boxes, cleaning supplies such as bleach, paper towels, laundry detergent, and office supplies like printer paper and pens.  Most also take gift cards to local grocery stores and pet stores.

 Our goal is to get as many people we can to adopt a shelter in their area, and help that shelter out as much as they can. My suggestion is get a basic idea of what your shelter needs and when you go to the store for your regular shopping, check to see if there is any items on their list on sale. By a few things here and there as you can, and once a month or so, go to the facility and make your donations. You can also talk to your boss and/or co-workers and adopt a shelter as an office project. Other ideas would be your church, child's classroom, or just a group of family and friends.  The point is, you dint have to donate tons of money, but ever little thing helps. You will make a difference in these animals lives!

So this is our new challenge to everyone. Make a difference in these poor dogs and cats lives. Let them know that not everyone in the human race is not as cruel or cold hearted, as those that threw these babies away! I hope you really give this a thought. Please share this challenge with everyone you know. Together, we can make a difference in so many lives!

Picture of Lancelot was Taken from Lancelot's Road to Recovery on FB. Please check it out to read his story and see if maybe you can help this poor boy out.  Links to Lancelot's rescue group is there too.

Picture Of Patrick was taken from The Patrick Miracle on FB. You can check there for more info on Sweet P. Including his vet info and rescue info.

Picture of Gypsy Rose, a full bred Chinese Crested~ PowderPuff, taken from our newly adopted shelter Animal Guardians of America. Gypsy is just one of the many dogs they have up for adoption, and the proof that you can get any breed your looking for.

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