About Us

 We are family who is tired of seeing so many inhumane acts against the earth and its inhabitants. Its time to take a stance instead of doing nothing. We hope to raise awareness and inspire others to take action. It is not our goal  to upset people with horrific and bloody pictures or videos, but to educate, while showing the truth.

 Growing up on the coast of Mississippi, Eric has spent a lot of time in the ocean. A certified diver, he once worked for Marine Life in Gulf Port, Ms. Now days he would never take a job like this, nor would he step foot into a place like this, but he treasures the time he once sent with the animals he is now fighting to save.

 Chasity has always had a love for Ocean life, but growing up in North Texas, she never had much real exposure to the ocean. A few trips to Sea World and a few Aquariums was as much as she got. While at Sea World she fell in love with an Orca named Corky. After researching about Corky it didn't take her long to realize the inhumane acts of Orca's in captivity. She vowed to never go to Sea World again.

 After watching and few seasons of Whale Wars and then The Cove, we felt a strong urge to do something. After alot of researching and alot of tears, we have landed on this path. We now without a doubt we are were we should be. Our hope is to one day be on the front lines of this battle, where ever that may be. Since that is not possible for now, we know that spreading awareness is the next best thing...So here we are!

This blog belongs to us, and therefore the things that we talk about are our views. Although we support many groups and organizations, and share some of the same views, we do not speak for anyone but ourselves. We are not writers nor blog experts. Our site might not be perfect, but its from the heart. We are not concerned if we have 1 follower or 1 million, if we can just touch one persons heart and get them to take action for ANY cause, then our work will be worth it.

It takes hours and sometimes days researching and writing our blog post. With that being said, we are not here for glory or to become famous in the activist community. We are here to raise awareness and to educate. If you find any information that you wish to share or to use on your own blog, feel free to do so. Giving credit and a link back to us would be nice, but we are not going to stress out, or even care, if you don't. The life of an activist, should be, ego free. If you are in it for any kind of personal gain (besides the amazing feeling you get for just standing up), then you are here for the wrong reason. The goal is to save animals, this is not a popularity contest!