Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Lucky Ones?

 They watched their families die. They were "wrangled" by humans and put on boats. Stolen from their homes in the ocean, and placed in tiny pens. The tiny pens are packed with 4 to 6 dolphins each, they have little room to move. They are forced to do stupid tricks in order to get a small dead fish, packed with medication. They are fed a limited diet, in order to keep them  performing, they are always hungry. They are always begging for more food. Yet, they are called the lucky ones. Sound lucky to you?

Here is a video from my trips from Dolphin Base in Taiji. These are the Lucky Ones. The ones who were not killed, but picked to live out the rest of their lives as slaves. Slaves to the human race. Slaves for the enjoyment of those who attend Dolphin Parks and Swim with me programs.

I have so much more to say on this, but for now, I beg you... Do NOT support the Live Dolphin Trade! Please do not participate in captive dolphin programs.


  1. Beautiful video...some of the best I have seen from Dolphin Base. Thank you for shining a bright light on the tragedy that is Taiji.

  2. what tiny little cages they have for such majestic and active creatures....they are not jumping in fun or amusement.....they are jumping because they need the exercise in such a tiny pen.....such daughter participated in a swim with the dolphin thing in that she knows the truth she will never do it again....people don't stop to think what it took to capture these amazing animals and put them in such a tiny tank and how they feel....did you know they are as sexual as humans are and they have no way to be able to release how they feel? they become extremely aggressive as a is only normal you know....i am sure it is not good after they act out in their normal very sad!!