Sunday, April 3, 2011


Definition of Hero:

  • a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength;

  • the principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem

  • champion: someone who fights for a cause

  •    As a child when I thought of a hero, it was a fictional character like Super Man or Batman. Someone who, no matter what was going on, always rushed in and saved the day. They would be there to help rescue the cat out of the tree or save the planet from an asteroid, there was nothing these hero's couldn't handle. They made you feel safe, because you knew as long as they were around, nothing bad would ever happen.
      As I got older, of course, I learned that super hero's like this were not real. I learned that a Hero was something totally different then I once thought. Hero's come in all forms, and most would never consider themselves hero's. I learned that you do not need "super power's" to become a hero, you just have to stand up when needed.
      These days I know that there are hero's all around us. Average people who just do the right thing. I also know that although I may find someone to be a hero, someone else might not agree. Everyone has their own idea's of what a hero is, regardless of definition. Some forgo the hero title and just call them role models. Thus, taking away the idea of super human powers and just making the person someone you should learn from and strive to be like. Regardless to how you look at it, these people should be celebrated.
      In the Activist world, there are so many people deserving of the title. From those that the world may know down to those that do so much work, but are not in the pubic eye. Today there are so many people that i look up to, for so many different reasons. I am surrounded by "Greats"! Their dedication and courage inspires me to be my best. Most of these people are there for me on a daily basis. They help lift me up when needed or are always there to just brainstorm with. I am blessed with the wisdom from the older generations and amazed by the determination of the younger ones. And although I know that none of them have super human powers, I sleep a little better at night, knowing these people are out there, fighting for our Earth.

      I would like to take a minute to celebrate and honor these people. I want to Thank them for all they do and for just being there. I know that none of you look at yourselves as Hero's, but you are all on my list. Thank You!


    1. This was so inspiring and I am so honoured to have seen my face in this wonderful group of very dedicated people...You are an #EveryDayHero in my books and I am so priviledged to be apart of this amazing group of dedicated people..we all have the same end to the rape of our oceans..For the Love of Dolphins and Whales

    2. well isn't that just the sweetest thing! thank you chasity and eric! <3 Danielle

    3. Oh Sweethearts (Eric and Chastity)! What a Surprise! I am Jazzed! Your Video is Simply Awesomely, Overwhelmingly, Fantastically Beautiful! Thank You for Including little Me Amongst these Great Stars! So Many Good and Compassionate People Here.... You are A Star too :))) Blessings to Everyone and May the Ocean and All it's Creatures and Flora be Free of Human Ignorance, Greed and Pollution! Cheryl/aka Muffyjo:)