Thursday, April 14, 2011

@ATT Proudly Supports Dolphin Slavery..By Holise Cleveland III

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by Holise E Cleveland III

Maybe AT&T doesn’t know science has proven that dolphins are almost or just as intelligent as humans. After all, if they knew this, they would not be supporting the dolphin captivity newly devised by Georgia Aquarium. Which is it? Is AT&T utterly ignorant or positively evil? It would seem that they have a dilemma. If they admit that dolphins are highly intelligent, then they admit to condoning the incarceration of highly intelligent beings for profit. If they admit to being utterly clueless about dolphin intelligence, however, they have a viable excuse to back out and donate to a truly worthy cause.
There is a stance that SeaWorld and all the others seem to take. They say that dolphins (Orcas are a type of dolphin) are better off with them than in the wild. I can see now how Disney supports them. My family and I watched ‘Tangled’ the other day. The evil kidnapper kept telling Rapunzel that “Mother knows best.” Rapunzel simply wanted to leave for a little while to see some lights. That was out of the question. Did the people of ATT see this movie? Did they cheer when the kidnapper said, “You will never leave?”
Maybe AT&T sees dolphins as roaches of fleas. Maybe AT&T thinks that dolphins are nothing more than pests. Hell! Maybe AT&T still believes that the Earth is FLAT!
Whether you are for or against dolphin captivity, please let me ask you, what sort of education have you received from visiting a marine mammal circus? What did you learn that you could not have learned from a book or a documentary? If you feel that you did not learn enough from a Civil War documentary, do you think that we should get some people to kill each other before your very eyes so that you are more educated? Do you think that we should put Georgia Aquarium and AT&T in charge of this since they are obviously an authority on displaying such idiocy in the name of education?
AT&T is a large company. Chances are they researched the pros and cons. They probably feel that they will make more money promoting Georgia Aquarium Dolphin Circus, than they would opposing it. I challenge you to call your communication provider today and ask them where they stand on sentient incarceration and slavery. You may think that a simple phone call will not make a difference, but if we all do this we will make an impact. If we all call our telephone companies and let them know that we loyally support them for not being as evil as AT&T, it will let them know that they should never be as utterly stupid as AT&T.

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