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 This blog is normally about the oceans, their inhabitants, and the issues surrounding them. But that does not mean that we do not support other causes. In fact, there are many other non-ocean issues that we are involved with and spread awareness about. Being animal activist, we want to protect and help all animals in need. One of the most common abused, mistreated, and neglected animals is that of "Man's best friend", the dog.

  There are so many stories out there about dogs who have suffered greatly, due to humans. One story that has made headlines recently, is that of a 1 year old pitbull, now named Patrick. One day in Newark, NJ and maintenance man was sorting through the trash bags in the apartment building he was working at. While moving the bags around, one of the bags moved. The man quickly opened the bag, and found a dog, skin and bones and barely alive. The man quickly called Associated Humane Societies  who rushed Patrick to Garden State Veternary Specialists.

Patrick when he arrived at GSVS

  Once Patrick arrived at GSVS, the amazing Doctors and staff quickly went to work to save this poor dog. Patrick only weighed 20lbs when he arrived at the hospital. He needed a blood transfusion, fluids, and many other medical treatments, right away.  During a ultrasound, it was discovered that Patrick has a foreign object in his stomach. Patrick is much to weak to have surgery to remove this object, but they are closely watching the object, and at this time it does not seem to be affecting his eating or going to the bathroom. They are hoping to do surgery sometime this week to remove the item. They think this item is a sock or piece of clothing, that Patrick ate to fill the void of being hungry.

  They doctors and staff think that, although there is a long road ahead, Patrick will survive and make a complete recovery. This is all thanks to the quick acting Maintenance man, the rescue team, the doctors and staff at GSVS, all the people who sent in donations and support for Patrick, and more then anything Patrick himself. Patrick has shown an amazing will to live. He never gave up and has proven that he is doing his part. Not only does he have a strong will to live, he has an amazing ability to love. I can only imagine the hell Patrick endured under his owners care. I can not imagine him receiving the love and affection one needs. Yet, after all the suffering this beautiful soul endured, he has shown nothing but love and affection to the staff at the hospital.

 After offering an award for information that lead to the person who did this to sweet Patrick, someone stepped forward and a young lady was charged. I will be honest, this case has really touched me, and the feeling that I have towards this lady is very harsh (im only human). But I refuse to say my feelings. I will only say, that her punishment does NOT fit the crime. She is facing a $1000 fine, 6 months in jail, and community service....does not seem to be enough since she starved a life, and then put this being in a trash bag and sent him down the garbage shoot. ALIVE!!! 

 Since news of Patrick's ordeal thousands of Patrick supporters from around the world have made their voices made. Donations for Patrick's care, cards, pictures drawn by children all flooded into the hospitals. A FB page was made for him. Then GSVS created their own page to give updates and post pictures and videos. A group was started to create Patrick's Law, an animal cruelty law. Patrick's Pals was then created, to post about other dogs that are fighting for their lives and looking for homes. Its just been an amazing story.

 There are millions of Patrick's out there. The untold stories of so many. I encourage everyone to help there local animal rescue groups. There are so many out there. You can donate money, or call and ask if they need anything. Many times shelters are in need of old blankets, towels, bowls, a host of things. Look into becoming a foster home if you have the space and time. And more then anything, if you are looking for a new family member, PLEASE contact your local shelters or rescue groups. If you are set on a pure breed dog, there are tons of breed specific rescues that can find the right dog for your family. Please rescue...don't buy! Also, please spay and neuter your animals. Millions of animals are killed every year because they do not have homes. Please do not add to this. I am not saying all breeders are bad. I know some amazing breeders. But, that does not change the facts.

 If you want to learn more about Patrick, and follow his progress visit the following FB pages.

The Patrick Miracle
Patrick's Law
Patrick's Pals

All pictures of Patrick are from GSVS FB page.

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