Friday, March 11, 2011

Quake hits Japan

On March 11 2011, a Major 8.9 earthquake struck of the coast of northeast Japan. The earthquake was followed by a deadly tsunami that has devastated the northeastern prefecture of Miyagi. Many aftershocks are still shaking the country, and the threat of  tsunami's are not over for Japan. The death toll is feared to be in the thousands. Rescue crews are having a hard time getting to the worst hit areas. A refinery fire broke out sending flames and black smoke high into the air. And fear of a nuclear plant leaking radiation, due to cooling problems has became a large concern.

  I would like to take this time to say that our family is praying for everyone in Japan. Just as we do not want animals to die, we do not want people to die either. We may be against what some people in Japan do, but we would never wish or want what Japan is experiencing to happen to anyone. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to everyone who has lost loved ones.

I would also like to take this time to say our prayers go out to 6 American/Canadian activist who were on the ground in Iwate reporting the slaughter of Dall's in northern Japan. These activist are from Sea Shepherd, Save Japan Dolphins, and Taiji Action Group. No one has been able to contact them since right after the quake. From the last video we know that at least 3 of  them were up on large cliff over looking the water. Although we are sure they are ok, its hard to not be worried. But we are sure that they are just fine and are helping out anyone and everyone they can.

 Again, our hearts go out to all those effected by this tragic event. I know that we have a few regular followers in Japan, and would like to know you are all ok.


  1. #thecove #taiji #seashepherd

    I hope the earthquake/tsunami in Japan swallows up every dolphin fishing boat!!!
    That would be an answered prayer = happy safe dolphins!
    2011-03-11 15:51:24

    you took something from the ocean Japan, and now the ocean wants something back ...
    No more Whale and dolphin Killing ..
    2011-03-11 16:23:34

    Can't help but thinking maybe the Japanese Earthquake is Karma for the dolphin and whale killings
    2011-03-11 17:40:17

    i really hope that dolphin killing cove in japan gets washed away. just saying.
    2011-03-11 17:55:35

    Dear Japanese, Karma's a bitch, Yours sincerely, Whale and Dolphin Community
    2011-03-11 20:19:00

    I also hope the slaughterers in Taiji, Japan drowned in the flood. Have a good day everyone! #taiji #thecove
    2011-03-11 21:53:13

  2. I posted this comment, only to comment about it. Just as I do not hold all of Japan guilty for the handful that hunt and kill Dolphins and whales...people should not hold all activist guilty for the idiots that say such things as above.
    I do not know or talk to any of these people you posted above. If I did, I would have ended any communications. Regardless to what people say or believe, most activist are have very heavy hearts and want to help Japan. Sure, some may have wished all dolphin and whaling boats were damaged or sunk, but not the hunters themselves.
    I can not do anything about hateful people, on either side. All I can say is NEVER would I be thankful, happy, or celebrate what happened in Japan.