Friday, March 4, 2011

Bad News for Lolita....

  I received word this morning that something was wrong at Maimi Seaquarium. At the time the details were very sketchy. Lolita had not been preforming all week, and her show has been cancelled through the weekend. Upon calling MSQ, all they would say is to call back Monday. The wonderful people who love and fight for Lolita had already sprung into action. People making their way to MSQ to see what they could find. Organizing last minute protest to demand answers, contacting media, calling non-stop to get answers, and many other actions.
 I, along with many others, have been stressed wondering what is going on. MSQ answers to themselves, and are none to hide the truth when they can. Although you want to keep positive, the thoughts of what could have happened haunts you. Everything from tank issues, her attacking a trainer, to her being very ill or even dead was running through my mind.

 After all the hard work of so many, MSQ opened up to CBC Miami and this was released....


Toothache Closes Killer Whale Lolita Show

March 4, 2011 12:29 PM

KEY BISCAYNE (CBS4) — South Florida marine super star Lolita the Killer Whale is feeling a bit under the weather.
 The star attraction at the Miami Seaquarium is “being treated for a tooth infection, a recurrence of a dental issue she had in 1994,” according to a statement from the popular marine theme park. “The whale stadium at Miami Seaquarium is temporarily closed. Although she is not performing shows, she is eating normally and being treated with antibiotics,” said the statement.
Lolita, the oldest killer whale in captivity, was born around 1966. She has spent most of her life at the Seaquarium since her capture in 1970. The 7,000 pound whale has lived in the 20-foot deep tank for 40 years, performing twice a day for South Florida tourists.
For years, activists have been trying to convince the Seaquarium to retire Lolita and release her back into the waters of the Pacific Northwest where she was originally captured, but her handlers and theme park owners say her life would be endangered if she were freed after so many years in captivity.

Lolita has pretty healthy teeth.
I am happy to now know what is going on with Lolita, but this news is not good. I know that some will think, its just a toothache, what the big deal? But this is a VERY big deal. In captivity Tooth infections kill, both Orcas and Dolphins.
   In captivity Orcas and dolphins alike are known to chew. They chew on cement ledges, metal gates, and anything else they can get their teeth on. It has been seen many times Orcas biting separation gates. This leads to broken and damaged teeth, which leads to infections. In the Article Keto and Tilikum express stress of orca captivity, the two ex-trainers John Jett and Jeffery Ventre tell the story of Orca teeth problems. They explain how big of an issue it is, and how Seaworld drills holes in the whales teeth to help clean them.  Untreated or bad tooth infections can lead to many health problems. Blood infections, heart and organ problems and failure, and pneumonia are just a few of these issues.

You can see Lolita has some broken and missing teeth. 

 The very fact that so many Orca's have teeth problems in captivity is proof that they are not receiving the care that the parks claim. The fact that after so many years of holding orcas in captivity, yet still not finding away to prevent these problems shows that lack of knowledge they have of Orca care. When will they admit that they don't have all the answers and Orcas are dying needlessly due to their lack of care?

Corky II is the same age as Lolita, her
teeth are worn all the way down.  
 In the mean time Lolita is fighting an infection. I pray that she recovers and MSQ will see the light. It is time to retire Lolita. A retirement plan had been drafted and is just waiting to be put into action. Lolita would be well cared for by those who love her and want the VERY best for her. The Orca Network and many others are prepaired to give her the very best care as long as she needs, but in a bay pen in her home waters, where she would never have to worry about doing shows or tricks for her food. Her mother and the rest of her pod are waiting for her. Its time to send her home to Wa state. Its time to let her be as free as possible and get her out of that tiny 20 foot deep pool, that she has been kept in for now over 40 years.

MSQ and the Hertz family.. It is not to late for Lolita, but her time is running out. Please do not let her die in that tank. Please do not punish her for your human greed and ego. She has made you enough money, lots of money. You have stolen 40 years of her life. Will you not be happy till she is dead? Will you bleed her for all you can? Are you really that greedy and heartless? Please, do the right thing.


  1. My heart is breaking for Tokitae.

  2. I am wondering have any been released after so many years of captivity and managed to survive?

  3. As noted above, a carefully thought out Plan is ready to be Set into Motion to Help Lolita, and still the Miami Seaquarium & Hertz family see dollar signs in her sick eyes. They have repeatedly and stubbornly refused to even move her to a larger tank at the request of concerned people over the many years she has been kept in this Sea Aquarium. It is so very very wrong.

  4. Well said and I will share this out ~ Lolita needs to go home, to her family and to spend the rest of her days where she belongs ~
    For the Love of Dolphins and Whales

  5. Keiko (the whale from free willy) lived in the wild for 5 years before he died. He hunted for food and was healthy. He died of pnuemonia, something that Orca's in captivity die of often. But the way Keiko was handled and the way Lolita would be handled are two diffrent things. She has people in Wa. willing to care for her forever, not just release her and be done.

  6. I just wish that miracle happend, Hertz family open their eyes and let her go free...
    We need to push more now, more then ever!!!!

  7. What happened to her? Is she still there?