Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Celebrities?

 A group of Celebrities got together and made a public service announcement for the Dolphins of Taiji. When I first saw this PSA, I was very excited! These are A-list celebs, and I just knew with these people on board, the awareness for the dolphin slaughter of Taiji would be raised to a new level. Here is the The Cove PSA...

 But, my happiness with this PSA and the Stars of it, was short lived. You see, although these A-Lister's loaned their faces and their voices to make the video, they have had little to know follow through. Since this years start of the dolphin slaughter, none of these Stars have been to Taiji, nor has any of them been in the media raising awareness about the cause. Maybe its just me, but I find this sad. Why would someone endorse a cause, but then not stand behind it? Do they truly care?
   It was clear to me, and many others that we HAD to get a high profile person at the cove. After much thought I decided to make my own PSA, of sorts. My PSA would be a plea to these same A-Lister's to go to Taiji. To let them know, their "friends" need them badly. Here is that video...

 I have to say, I was kinda surprised at the reactions this video received. Most people, the ones that got what I was saying, and saw the big picture..Loved it. But yet, many felt that me calling out these people was wrong and would even hurt the cause more then help it. This, is just untrue. If these celebs made this video, with the true love for the dolphins, then nothing that I did, should effect the way they feel towards this cause. If this video up set them so much to no longer want to be apart of this cause, their hearts were not in it in the first place. The video was not to disrespect these people, it was just to remind them that the dolphins need them. And I am 100% positive that if any of these people, or any other celebrity were to go to Taiji, things would change. Dolphins would not be killed, and if they were, it would only help our cause. This is about the BIG picture. Let me explain...

   If these or any Celebrity came to Taiji and made it known to both the media and fans, Taiji will be full of people. The Japanese people love celebrities, and they would come to Taiji for a chance to meet and see the celebs. Media around the world would want to document this, but even more important the media of Japan would. Everyone knows the only way to stop this, is through the Japanese citizens. What better way to raise awareness then having the people of Japan in Taiji! And everyone knows when the media is around, the hunters do very little hunting. This would force one of 2 things....they would stop all together, or they would hunt and kill while Japanese citizens and the media looked on.
   When media is at the Cove, things change. The hunters do things differently. Sometimes they won't go out, sometimes they will take dolphins for captivity, but release the rest, other times they will let mothers and babies go. It was been proven when Ric O'Barry comes to town the media goes nuts. Dolphins have not been killed while Ric is in Taiji, in some time. Steven Thompson, from Taiji Action Group, asked for the mothers and young to be released from a pod in the cove, in front of the media. The next day when the slaughter took place, all the young of the pod was released. Recently when a group of Japanese women came to protest the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, with media around, the hunter did not hunt. Time and time again, when high profile cases and media are involved, changes are made.
  I know that many Celebrities are concerned about violence and/or arrest while in Taiji. But this year noone has been arrested, and no one plans on doing anything to be arrested. Many times this year there have been just females watching over the cove, and they have all stated time and time again, at no time have they felt threatened or in danger. We are not asking anyone to go and break the law. The celebrities need to do nothing but show up, chat with some media, sign a few autographs, and be the voice for the dolphins they call friends. I really don't think its asking much, when you think of all the other people who have left their jobs, their families, and their lives for weeks and months at a time. to do just that.
  I again beg the stars of this PSA and all celebrities who are against these cruel and inhumane dolphin drives, to go to Taiji. Contact the whoever you need to contact, Ric O'Barry or one of his volunteers from Save Japan Dolphins,  Libby or Nicole; the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians, Taiji Action group, Eyes on Taiji...whatever group you want, just get there! You have the power to help raise awareness. You have the power to up pressure on these hunters and the Japanese government. These dolphins do not belong to Japan, they belong to the world, and as a resident of this world, everyone has a right to stand up and say no more.
I am not the begging kind. However, these dolphins can not do it themselves, so I will do it for them. Please, please, please do everything you can to stop these horrific events. Please go to Taiji! Please raise awareness. Please DON'T turn a blind eye. Just one simple trip, could save thousands of lives, isn't it worth a shot?

"We Are Their Only Hope"


  1. I also Acknowledge that One Must Stand up for What They Believe In, as Your Blog Name States. So, in relationship to the Videos above, Just What is a Friend, One Might Ask? I believe that a Friend's Relationship Allows for Interaction and Sharing. A Friend Stands by their Friend when in Danger. A Friend Offers their Extended Hand to their Friend in Need. A Friend Does More than Talk the Talk, But Walks the Walk as well.

    It is Disturbing, that each Celebrity in the PSA video above Pledged Friendship to the Dolphins, but not One has yet to Show Up on Site in Taiji to Verbalize their Concern and Voice Compassion for Their Friends in the Killing Cove. Should a Celebrity make the Scene, the Media would follow them there, and the Eyes of the World Would See and Hear of the Dolphin's Death and Plight through the eyes of a Star ... People Have an Innate Curiosity and Persistent Following of the Stars. The Media would be Eager to get the Story... I cannot help but Believe that The Fishermen would be Forced to take Heed, as they Have done so in the Past.

    Pods of Dolphins Continue to be Run into the Cove and their Blood is Spilled as they Die Agonizing Deaths. My Challenge is to One and All, and I am not pointing the finger at any one, "Be there For Your Friends"! ... I am Asking YOU each Individually, to Please Show Up at the Cove; Even if it is For a Day, or a Half a Day, Commit to be There in Taiji, to Honor Your Pledge to Your Dolphin Friends. Tell the Press and other Media of Your Intent. You can Help Immensely by Just Being there and showing Your Support for the Dolphins. Thank YOU!

  2. Thanks again for another brilliant post!