Saturday, January 29, 2011

Keep Hanging On

I created the following video for 3 very special Orcas in captivity. These 3 Orcas have a very special place in my heart (not that the others don't) and I worry about them often. I had a dream not long ago that Tilikum, Lolita, and Corky were all moved to Washington State, under the care of The Orca Network, and all the other amazing groups there, and put in Sea pens. They were so very happy and one amazing day the gates were opened and they were free to roam in the wild, were they belong. I woke up from that dream and was heart broken that it ended. I cried and cried. Of course, before I get haters, I know that Corky and Tilikum are not from Washington State, I know none of these whales have ever met, and I know it would not be that simple, but for that that one amazing dream, in my mind the world was right. So please, don't try to take that away from me! :)
  I spoke to my dear friend Barbra Napoles about my feelings for these 3 amazing beings, and she said when she thought of them all that went through here head was ""Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne. When I listened to the song, I was amazed how perfect it was for these 3. So I would like to thank Barbara for the idea to use it. It wouldn't have been the same with any other song. I also want to thank Shelby Proie for allowing me to use video clips of Lolita and protest for Lolita. Also thanks to Audra for allowing me to use clips of Trevor in this video. Trevor is an amazing young man, who is runs his own facebook page and host protest for Lolita. Check out Trev's group Let Lolita Live (LLL).

This video is for Tilikum, Lolita, and Corky, and those who love them.

   There needs to be little to no explaining on why I worry about Tilly. This poor guy has been through so much. He is now known only as a killer, and is treated as such. All fingers are pointed at him for his actions, yet, the majority of the general public not once pointed a finger at his slave owners. He is just a crazy killer to so many, but those who know and love him, know better. The death of Dawn was tragic, beyond tragic really. And in no way would I ever think otherwise, but I wish I could know how she would feel now. Knowing how her beloved Tilly is being treated so cruelly. Locked away from the other whales, all alone in a tiny pool. No interaction with trainers, and not even named as part of the SeaWorld family anymore. Just a sperm bank for the Captive Orca Mill. These days you will find Tilikum floating alone, hardly moving, and visibly depressed.

   Poor Lolita! What can you say about this amazing being. Locked away in a pool so small, and illegal, all alone. Her only company, some dolphins...yep that's natural! You see Orcas and dolphins hanging out in the wild all the time! I have never met Lolita, nor have I ever been to the Miami SeaPrison, but from every video I have seen, the place is a joke. Yet, on the other side of the county, Lolita's family swims free. Her mother, whom she was taken away from, is still alive. There are amazing people who at in time, would set Lolita up in a sea pen, and care for her around the clock, and maybe one day set her free with her mother and the rest of her pod. Yet the selfish and greedy people at the Miami SeaPrison, would prefer a life of lonely slavery for Lolita. Money over morals, that's the name of this game.

 Corky II:
   My sweet Corky. Corky does not get nearly the attention Tilikum and Lolita get. There are groups out there that have organized Free Corky campaigns. Taken from the oceans of BC at the age of 3, Corky has been in Captivity the longest of any Orca living. How she (and all of them, for that matter) has found the will to adapt and survive is beyond me. She started her captive life out with her Cousin Orky, who later died. Corky and Orky and many calves, but all died young (the oldest was 47 days old). She loves to spend her time in the underwater viewing area, where is loves to watch people, and the public loves her. Many bring her books, pictures, and even stuffed animals to look at. Corky has helped raise many of the babies at SeaWorld, including 11 month Orkid. Orkid's Mother Kandu V died in August of 1989, when she tried to attack Corky and missed, running into a wall. She broke her jaw, which severed an artery. For 45 minutes Kandu bleed out, as trainers and vets watched on, helplessly, until she died.  
  Corky was the first Orca I ever met. I feel in love with her, when after a show I was able to get up close to her and pet her. I remember our eyes locking, and it changed my life forever. It was like I could see into her soul. It was truly amazing.  From that day on, I knew that Marine Mammals should not be in captivity.

These are 3 amazing souls. 3 beautiful beings locked away as prisoners and treated like slaves. I hope they know all the wonderful people who are fighting to set them free, or make their lives better in captivity. I hope they Keep Holding On, till the day they can feel the ocean on their faces, and the taste of fresh caught fish (that is not laced with drugs), once again.

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  1. Thankyou for writing such a beautiful article about these whales... I too share your worry here in the UK. Im doing everything I can to educate people to stop going to these shows.... They need to become as old fashioned as the Roman colosseums of history... There is no place for a whale or dolphin other than the sea...