Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Dolphin Smile...

If you ask someone who goes to dolphin facilities "What makes you think they are happy?" Most will answer something about the dolphins and their smile. So I just wanted to take a few seconds (because that is all it will take) to clear this myth up.

Dolphin is the wild. Dolphin looks to be smiling...

Dolphin in Captivity, that appears to be smiling...

Dead think its smiling now?

What about now? Nope...I don't think so!!!!

The truth of the matter is NO! the dolphin is not smiling! Its just the way its jaw is built. Please do not mistake happiness with bone structure. Although it might make you feel better, for going to a dolphin facility, to think these animals are smiling at you. They are not...please stop fooling yourself!


  1. I think you Made the Point quite Well Chastity. Amen! I thought not too far back that that was the dolphin smile. And, it is not.... NO.... Thank you for clarifying for the World. I am now posting this informative link on the net .... No Dolphin or Whale or Sea Turtle or Anything Wild, Should be Held in Captivity for the Sole Purpose of Human Entertainment...

  2. Thank you for yet another great post. Hit the nail on the head. This should be made into a public service announcement and translated into every language!

  3. Well said and to the point and I will now share this on my own blog "For The Love of Dolphins"
    Jackie Bigford

  4. Well done and well said. You have spoken an unadulterated truth. One could only wish they were smiling in there prison's or in death. I know that one day, when people answer for their crimes and sins against these Sea Angel's, that those dolphins will be smiling then!

  5. I agree with all these posts above me! Well done! :)


  6. :)
    Well done....most people are visual learners...
    that gets the point across.
    Thank you!