Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stand Up!

Eric's project is done, and I am so happy to present it for everyone to see. He has wanted to make this video for so long and its here. We would like to thank those who contacted us and shared photos, and video for this project, as well as those who sent us names of people they felt should be in the it.

This video is to honor all those who have taken a stand against the inhumanities that occur in our oceans and to encourage those who are not to Stand Up.

I personally want to say, Way to go Eric! This video is simply amazing. I have watched a billion times both during its creation and the final product. I'm proud of you! Thanks for your amazing work!


  1. WOW! I'm Speechless!

  2. Excellent work...so hard to watch but so necessary...

  3. fantastic job .. will spread it far as i can. love n peas

  4. Eric !! WOW !! This is FREAKIN INCREDIBLE !! You did a PHENOMINAL JOB DUDE !! I am so proud of you !! I LOVE IT !! AND I love you !!
    Love your Sis,

  5. This is just amazing and emotional... Ive shared to all I know