Sunday, December 26, 2010

Take time to love life....

  As I lounge on the sofa, in front of a cozy fire, new toys strewn all over the living room from this mornings festivities, and Linden running around like a crazy man, hyped up on the excitement of it all....I can't help but smile. Today was a wonderful day, full of fun, laughter, and love. Our family has been blessed in so many ways, and today we all soaked it in.
  Last night a post on group that I am a member of on Facebook really got to me. I could never relay it word for word, nor am I writing this to call anyone out. But the post really got to me, and I think its something that needs to be addressed. The post was basically downing those who celebrate Christmas. The poster was not downing people because of religion or beliefs, but felt that no one should be celebrating when animals and humans are being treated cruelly and dying everyday. It was a very long thread, and it was very harsh. As the thread progressed there were some that agreed with the poster, and some that didn't. But what stuck about those who agreed with the poster, was a very negative attitude. But I didn't make another comment because  I refused to get into a debate with these people. Their attitude was the world sucks, F!@# the world, Christmas, and anyone who enjoyed or celebrated...even for a day, and f#$% anyone who ate meat. 
 I do not know anything about these people that made these comments, but after what I read, it saddened me. To accuse everyone who takes part of Christmas, or any holiday, of supporting animal or human abuse, cruelty, neglect, or death, is out of line. To claim that activist of any kind, can not take time to be happy and thankful for what they have, and the few joys they may find in life, is unfair.
  I can only speak for myself, but I think that many would agree, there is not a day that goes by, since I have started an activist path, that I don't think of all the lives, both human and animal, that are lost needlessly. I personally spend just about every free second I have raising awareness, watching videos, researching, and networking for my causes. Many activist around the world do the same. Do you think we don't deserve a mental break? What about those who volunteer at animal rescue shelters? Those who stand guard in Taiji as cove guardians? The crew that board SS ships? People who man feed the hungry stations? None of these people deserve a break from it it all? Do you honestly think any of these people EVER forget whats going on? You think that taking a day or two off to enjoy the gifts in their lives will really make all they do unimportant or forgotten? Most of these people couldn't forget if they wanted to.
  Being an activist is hard. You witness, be it in person or through video and pictures, things that can rip a person apart. It is normal to have a day where you just don't feel like you can take anymore. Its common, after suppressing so much emotions, to blow up and need a major release. But being negative about the world and life in general is not the way. Every day I have to find away to put my emotions in check. I have learned how much I can handle, and I know when I just need to release that emotion. It can be through tears, through writing, through talking, their is a number of ways, but the key is to get it out. The emotions that an activist have can be painful. It can lead to anger, hate and it can and will consume you. Maybe these people have not mastered the art of controlling their emotions. Maybe they don't know how truly important it is. Or maybe they are just people with a truly negative out look on life. Either way, there is something you might want to think about. If you let the negativity to consume you, you stand a chance in slipping into a bad place. After saying F%$# the world so many times, you might REALLY start feeling it, then what kind of activist will you be?
   We must take time for ourselves. This can be hours, days, whatever that person feels the need. Everyone is different, we all handle things in our own way. But, when you can't take time to enjoy the moment.. When you only see the negativity in the world..  When you stop caring about life, what makes you think you can fight to save it? Abuse, cruelty, neglect and the death all suck, but a negative attitude sucks just as much.
   Remember, insults and negativity will never when your battle. If we hope to achieve our goals we must learn to educate and spread awareness.

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  1. “Ethical discipline is the indispensable means for mediating between the competing claims of my right to happiness and others’ equal right.” – Dalai Lama