Tuesday, December 14, 2010


  In a letter received from Shuya Nalatsuka, First Secretary, Embassy of Japan, it stated that Japan was not suitable for agricultural development (we will get into the letter in a later post). Therefore, Japanese people had to look for a sustainable source of protein from the sea. (Now, this is not just about Japan. Many countries turn to the oceans for their main food source. So as to get people from claiming we are JUST picking on Japan, this goes to any country that thinks the ocean is a sustainable food source! But we will use Japan because 1. it deals with our cause and 2. they are the ones who sent us a letter!)

(Life Sciences & allied applications/ Environmental Science) taken from The free dictionary
  capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage.

  By definition alone, no wild animal is a sustainable food resource. Fish or mammal, on land or in water..its just not possible. We as humans are known to overindulge. We can not just take what we need and we will use. NO! We have to take as much as we can, and who cares what we waste! Its the human way. Over fishing and over hunting makes it impossible to ever relay on something wild to be sustainable. Lack of Government (Local, State, National, and Worldwide) regulations on catches make it impossible. Look at all the endangered and threatened animals around the world. We are the sole reason for these species dying off. Even with laws in place to protect these species they are still being killed through poaching and loop holes. More time then not, by the time someone steps in to put laws in place to protect a species, its way to late! So many animals are struggling to keep their species alive. Look at the Great White shark. Did you know it was endangered? There is so little known about the great white population, that by the time scientist realized they were in trouble, their population plummeted. Endangered, yet still killed everyday.

In a previous post (Why the Oceans?) we shared the video about Namibia Africa. A small town known for an abundant amount of Sardines, but they had all disappeared due to overfishing. They too once saw these sardines as sustainable. They would have never guessed they would just vanish. But they did, and the town has a major problem on their hands now.

 Japan feels that turning to the oceans, be it for fish, whale or dolphin, is all they have. But what happens when these animals are gone? These animals do not belong to Japan, they belong to the earth. Will the rest of the world sit by and let this happen? It is up to Japan and ever single nation the the world to protect our oceans and wildlife. It is up to every country in the world to find sustainable food resources that doesn't threaten or harm the environment.  Turning to the sea for your main source of protein may be a easy and immediate fix, but it is NOT sustainable. What will they do when the oceans die, due to overfishing? What will you do? I do not suggest waiting for that day to come before we act! Remember, if the oceans die...we die, its that simple!


  1. Just found your blog.Thank You.Haven't finished reading all your post on Tajai yet but just wanted to let you know that I'm reading it and would love to repost some of them, if that's o.k..We have to stop these ruthless killings.Looking forward to more,
    for the dolphins
    swim Fast~Far~Deep

  2. Joanne~ I have no problem with you reposting our post. The goal is to spread awareness, the more we all work together, cross post and share, the better it is for the Dolphins...thats the important thing!


  3. “It is worth reminding ourselves that the greatest joy and satisfaction in life come from actions we undertake out of concern for others.” – Dalai Lama