Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Mothers Broken Heart

  I was watching my video "Keep Holding On" and I started thinking about my son, Linden. Linden is 3 years old, the "ripe" age for taking dolphins and Orcas in the wild. I immediately felt an overwhelming sadness, a heartache so strong, it was unbearable. Its a pain that I'm sure most parents could relate to, and many have had to go through, the loss of a child.  I thought of Lolita, who was stolen from her mother when she was about Linden's age. I thought of her mother, and the fear and pain she must have endured those horrific days. My next thoughts tore through my soul, "Does she still think of her sweet baby girl?"
  Through research of wild orcas we have learned many things. We know they are extremely intelligent and we also know that their families are very important to them. Orcas stay in the same pod with their families forever. Some break off and form their own groups, but they stay in the same area, and meet up often. Its know different then human children growing up, moving out and starting a family of their own. They may spend days apart but the groups come back together always. In the 90's Lolita was played sounds of her family. She was very excited, and pushed herself up out of the water, as if to be trying to hear better. She still recognized her pods dialect, and she still was using it.  It was clear she remembered her family, do they remember her?

  Why would one think Ocean Sun (Lolita's mom) would not remember her sweet baby? If someone walked into our home right now, and stole Linden away from me, I promise you, I would remember him in 40 years. I bet that I would remember so many little details. Details only a mother would know or understand. My heart would long for him daily and I would never be the same. Do you think Ocean Sun feels the same? Do you think she misses her? Do you think she still gets that dreaded feeling of pain when she thinks of Lolita? Do you think she thinks of that horrific time when Lolita was ripped from her? Do you think she feels guilty for it? Do you think she wonders what if? I sit here and think of all the things that would go through my head and my heart on a daily basis, and I wonder if poor Ocean Sun is feeling it right now.
  I can go on a rage right about now, but this is not the time.   Although my anger is at a very high level, my heart breaks for this mother and child. I pray that Ocean Sun has found peace, I pray that the pain of all she has lost, has gone away. I pray that she doesn't remember. As an activist, as a person, and as a mother, I pray that one day she will be reunited with her long lost child. I pray that she and Lolita will be able to share the love between each other that only Mother and child knows. I pray that one day her broken heart will be made whole again. I pray its not to late.

  I have said many times that every night Linden says "Protect the dolphins" and "Swim Far, Swim Fast, Swim Deep", before bed. Well his knew thing is talking about Lolita. He tells me " Lolita misses her Mommy, she wants to go home!". I think of little Trevor, a boy that at just 10 years old, is fighting to bring Lolita home.  I think we should all take some lessons from our children. Our children, in their innocent and pure hearts get it. Their minds not fueled by greed, money, or fame...they know what is right. Why is it that its the adults, that teach morals and whats right and whats wrong, can not understand just how wrong this is?
Put yourself in Ocean Sun's place. Put yourself in Lolita's place. We can fix this family. We can mend these broken hearts.  Is money and greed really greater then the love of a mother and her child?

Send Them Home

Keep Holding On


  1. Beautiful and heartfelt...brought tears to my eyes..For the Love of Dolphins and Whales ~~><(((º>~


  2. Such an amazing blog! I can see how much this pains you! It hurts to think about Sumar's mom...these families are just heartbroken over their losses and that's painful to think about.

    - Rebecca