Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Story Of Ace and Deuce

 Our blog's main focus is the oceans, however it will from time to time have non-ocean related post. This is one of those times. I hope that you will take a few minutes and read this amazing story, that has changed so many lives.  It is a heart warming story and it shows that amazing things can happen if you just open your heart and work with others to achieve a common goal. No egos, No credit seekers, No fighting...just a group of people working to save the lives of two animals, because it was the right thing to do.

 In mid-May, I was on the phone with one of my dear friends catching up with each other. This is something we do often, late night chats that last for hours. Eric came in and said, "By the way, in a few weeks we are picking up some dogs at the Airport and driving them to New Mexico for Eric Adam.". I was not really shocked, but kinda caught off guard. I asked what he was talking about. Turns out, a complete random post on FaceBook by Eric Adam, turned into a huge turn of events for a cause that Eric and I had no idea about.

The story:

Ace and Deuce are Coon Hounds, they are 6 year old brothers, who were hunting dogs in West Virgina. About a year ago Deuce started to go blind, a few months later Ace started showing symptoms as well. When Ace showed signs of going blind their owner took them to the vet. The vet did an eye exam and told the man he thought the boys had Retinal Atrophy, a genetic disease that causes blindness.  The vet suggested the man see a specialist to get a better idea of what is going on. The owner did not take Ace and Deuce to a specialist, instead once both boys were pretty much blind, he took them to the Taylor County Animal Shelter, in Grafton WV. While dropping them off the man basically told Christine, a volunteer for the shelter, that the boys were great hunters but were no use to him blind, so they should be put to sleep. He left his two hunting dogs, that he had all of their lives, and who undoubtedly spent their lives doing what they could to please him, in the hands of the shelter to dispose of.

 Luckily for the boys, the people at the Taylor County Shelter are angels! They do their best to network their dogs and try to find them homes. Christine feel in love with the boys and put them all over the Internet trying to find them a home. People from all over got involved trying to find these boys a loving family. I wish I could list everyone involved, but there are so many, some that I am sure, I am unaware of. Ace and Deuce were running out of time. People were doing there best, but they were having a hard time getting these boys a home. Angelia, a animal investigator in Illinois was ready to take on the dogs working closely with her friend Indy. They were trying there best to work things out. Stacey, an animal lover and networker in Florida posted information about the boys non-stop. This got the attention of Eric Adam in Prescott, Arizona, who started trying to find a home for the boys in his area. The boys were set to be put down on April 18th. On the 17th, the fight was on and Angela decided to get the dogs out of the shelter and foster them. They contacted the shelter but it was after hours. They left several messages to NOT kill these dogs. They worried that it would be to late, and the shelter would not get the messages in time. Luckily, the shelter was reached the next morning, and the boys were saved. Indy called the shelter and was told he needed references to get the boys. He contacted  Virgina, with Sunrise Rescue Center to vouch for the boys, so that Angelia could foster them. References were given and the boys were no longer in danger. As plans were being made to get the boys to Illinois, Eric Adam in AZ, contacted a rescue group in his area, United Friends of Animals to help spread the word and find the boys a home.

 As plans of transport were being made to get the boys from WV to IL, Angelia became very ill. She would not be able to foster the boys. At this point Indy, who already has many rescues, stepped in and agreed the boys would stay with him. The boys were driven to Zanesville OH, were Indy met them and drove them back to his place in IL. By this time David and Diane, two pilots with Pilots and Paws had agreed to meet Indy in Arkansas, and fly the boys to Dallas, on the journey to AZ. All that was needed now, was someone in Dallas to get the boys to Eric Adam, and a foster home when they get there.

 This of course is were we came in, we have been friends with Eric Adam on Facebook for some time. Oddly, we had missed any of his post about the boys. But one night after posting a video of the full moon in AZ., Eric posted a comment on Eric Adam's video, stating the Moon in Dallas looked pretty amazing as well. At this point Eric Adam, who did not know we were in Dallas, asked Eric if we could help out. Of course Eric said yes, and it was set. Indy would drive the boys to AR, where David and Diane would load them in their plane and fly them to Dallas. We would pick them up at the airport, they would stay the night and we would drive them to Mew Mexico, where we would met Eric Adam, who would then drive them back to AZ, to a foster home he had found. The plan was set. The boys had there second chance at a new life.

  I will never forget the feeling I had while at the airport waiting for the boys. I was so excited to met these guys, and so honored that we were able to be part of this amazing story. We waited and waited, and then from the distance saw this little plane coming in for landing. The plane rolled in front of us, and turned to park. We figured this was our plane, but it was confirmed when though one of the tiny windows, we saw a tail wagging. We both laughed, the boys were safe in Dallas. Eric rushed out to meet David and Diane, and the boys, as I hung back to get a few pics. I remember seeing the boys, and tears came to my eyes. What amazing souls, do they even know what almost happened to them, and how many people fought to save them? Linden and I walked up to met them and we posed for some pictures. It was then and there something changed. I remember Diane saying how amazing the boys were, and I said we would take them in a heartbeat if we could. While taking pictures she commented about how they just seem to fit us. And in my mind, I agreed. We walked with David and Diane to the car and loaded the boys up. They said their good byes, and I just wanted to cry. As we were pulling out, I happened to look back and was surprised to see David and Diane still standing there watching us leave. (Grrr, the emotions are flooding back) It hit Eric and I, this was something special.

 We got the boys back to our place and I didn't know what to expect. I knew these guys had been outside dogs all their lives. How were they going to handle being inside, even for a night? Would Linden drive them crazy? As we settled in, I was simple amazed. They took to Linden right away. They followed him around, and while outside if they lost his scent they would get upset, until they found him. They came up and gave us lots of love, but the thing that got me the most, was when Ace jumped up on the couch and passed out, to the point of snoring...loud! They stole our hearts and we struggled with the thought of letting them go.

 Late that evening a phone called was made to Eric Adam, who was already in New Mexico. Eric asked him questions about where the boys were going, and stressed how much we cared for them. It was decided by the end of the conversation....the boys journey to find a home was over. The boys from WV, who traveled to OH, to get to IL, then to AR, to get to Dallas, Texas was done traveling.

 The boys have touched the hearts of people all over, those they have met and those they haven't. This journey was never about finding love, because they are loved by so many. In this journey, the boys brought people together from all over, and we have been forever connected, because of them. Everyone involved is considered family to us now. Eric and I are forever grateful to them all. This is a case that was written in the stars. It was way bigger then us all. A case of multiple selfless acts for the sake of two amazing souls, that deserved a second chance at life.

I hope that this story has moved you enough to understand that anything is possible, if you just put your ego's aside and the cause first. This story involves so many people, individuals and groups, and at no point did anyone try to take center stage. At know point was any ones person role or involvement put ahead of an other's. The boys had the stage, and the spotlight has stayed on them. THIS is how you get things done. THIS is how you save a life! I would also ask that if you are able, please think about adopting or fostering a dog. There are so many amazing babies out there that just need a chance. If you can not adopt or foster, please think about contacting your nearest shelter or animal rescue and see what you can do to help. These groups work non-stop to save the lives of thousands upon thousands of dogs, they can use all the help they can get.

 Right now there is an official video of this story being made, by Eric Adam. I made a video myself, not to take away from the other video, but to tell the boys story as their "Mommy and Daddy" see it. The song selected is one that fits them, and the story. I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: the movie clips in this video are not of Ace and Deuce. We (Eric and Chasity) in NO WAY, approve of coon hunting, but the fact is Ace and Deuce were coon hunters, the clips were added to tell the story. The pictures in the video, however, are the amazing Ace and Deuce. These are pictures from Indy dropping them of in AR and the plane ride to Dallas (Provided by David and Diane), and some of us picking them up from the airport and their new life. The Pictures of the shelter (provided by Christine) is the actual shelter Ace and Deuce lived. In Fact they stayed in runs T1 and T2, highlighted in the video.

We have made Ace and Deuce a page on Facebook. If you would like to follow their story, and also network to help other dogs in need, please like us!